Magbroach UK - Mag Drills and Broaching Machines

We at Magbroach introduce a new generation of mag drills (electro-magnetic drilling machines) and broaching machines. From a team of UK specialists with 25 years innovative expertise in design and development of mag drills and broaching machines. By using proven technology and new innovation with aesthetic design, we have developed a new concept in mag drills and broaching machines with many exclusive features, unique to this new generation of machines, with size and weight greatly reduced but still retaining strength and durability. This perfected innovative design is the result of consious and consistent UK research and development, with built-in safety features, geared to the future thus giving more portability and versatility in a wide range of applicationsin the field of hole cutting. We are aiming to set new standards in mag drills and broaching machines with unprecedented performance and service. Magbroach UK cutters have a geometry, enabling holes to be cut quickly and accurately. Magbroach cutters are produced to the highest standard of quality and accuracy in our factory on state of the art CNC machines. The use of Magbroach UK cutters has led to dramatic time savings in the hole production and provided solutions to a wide range of industries.; engineering, fabrication, shipbuilding and marine, structural steel work, petro chemical, off shore oil and gas ect, ect. Magbroach UK cutters remove material from only the outer periphery of the hole required, ejecting a slug at the end of the operation, So it requires less horsepower to make clean holes. Tooling is available to adapt Magbroach cutters quickly and easily to Mag Drills, Drill presses, milling machines, broaching machines and and CNC equipment. Magbroach UK range of industrial arbors and accessories extend to factory and workshop giving all the advantages of Magbroach cutters for a wide field of hole cutting requirements. Magbroach Accessories for Mag Drills and Broaching Machines" Contacts Mag Drills and Broaching Machines UK UK Broaching Machines and Mag Drills New Range Core Drill Grinding Machine Electromagnetic Drillers and Broachers