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Magnetic Drilling  Solutions

The Ultimate Hole Cutting System


MLP 148 the worlds lowest low-profile magnetic drilling machine | Only 148mm high with 48 mm diameter. Cutter capacity through 40 mm.


Special Cutters & Accessories

Magnetic Drilling Solutions

… the ultimate hole cutting sysytem.


The worlds lowest low-profile magnetic drilling machine | Only 148 mm high with 48 mm diameter.  Cutter capacity through 40 mm.

Special Cutters and Accessories

magbroach engineering with more than 40 years mag based drilling experience

Magbroach Magnetic Drilling Machines

Magnetic Drilling Machines made in Chesterfield United kingdom

Magbroach Engineering: Industry Leader in Magnetic Drilling Machines

From a team of specialists with over 40 years of innovative expertise in the design, manafacture and development of mag based drills and magnetic drilling machines Magbroach sets the standards for our competitors to copy.

By using proven technology, new innovation, and aesthetic design we have responded to our customers’ needs and developed the most innovative and reliable magnetic hole cutting machines in the industry.

Magbroach has developed a new concept in magnetic based drilling, with many exclusive features, unique to this new generation of Magbroach magnetic hole cutting machines, with the size and weight reduced but strength and durability retained.

Built-in-safety features are now standard on all Magbroach magntic drilling and magnetic broaching machines

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Magbroach Limited

About Magbraoch and Mag Based Drilling Machines

Based in Chesterfield, we’re a family run business that have been at the forefront of magnetic drilling solutions in the UK for over 40 years.

In 1981, Our managing director, Glynn Fuller, was the first manufacturer of Magbroach mag based drills in the UK, and since then, Magbroach continue to set the standard for high-quality, innovative and reliable magnetic drills and magnetic broaching machines across the globe!

Magbroach are totally comitted to deliverying honest, kind, professional and efficient service from everyone in the business.

Find out more about our Magnetic Drilling Machines, Magnetic Broaching Machines and the worlds lowest profile mag based drilling machine the MLP148.

Magbroach MLP148 MM

Mlp 148 worlds lowest low-profile magnetic drilling machine

MLP 148 worlds lowest low-profile

magnetic drilling machine

Only 148mm high with 48 mm diam.

Cutter capacity through 40 mm.

Magnetic Hole Cutting Technologies

TRSS - Twin Rail Mag Based Slide System

Magbass Swivel Drilling Machines
Magbroach MDTS30

Advantages of Magbroach Drilling Machines over the Mag Based Dovetail Systems - 10 Reasons Why!

  • T.R.S.S.Maximises Slide Stability.
  • Upto 10 Times Better Stability Than Dovetail Systems.
  • Slide Has No Contact With Main Body Of Machine.
  • Reduced Friction Less Wear.
  • Reduced Cutter Breakages Due To Better Slide Stability.
  • Improved Cutter Life.
  • Better Tolerance Achievable.
  • Improved Hole Quality.
  • To 110mm Cutting Depth With Cutters With Small Machine.
  • Low Maintenance Better Reliability

Magbroach Magnetic Drilling Machines – the range


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