Magbroach Twin Rail Slide System

New Innovation | T.R.S.S.
Magbass Swivel Drilling Machines
Magbroach MDTS30

Advantages Over Machines with Dovetail Systems - 10 Reasons Why!

  • T.R.S.S.Maximises Slide Stability.
  • Upto 10 Times Better Stability Than Dovetail Systems.
  • Slide Has No Contact With Main Body Of Machine.
  • Reduced Friction Less Wear.
  • Reduced Cutter Breakages Due To Better Slide Stability.
  • Improved Cutter Life.
  • Better Tolerance Achievable.
  • Improved Hole Quality.
  • To 110mm Cutting Depth With Cutters With Small Machine.
  • Low Maintenance Better Reliability


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