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magbroach engineering with more than 40 years mag based drilling experience

Magbroach Magnetic Drilling Machines

Magnetic Drilling Machines made in Chesterfield United kingdom

About Magbroach UK Ltd.

Our story

Magbroach (UK) Ltd are a family owned company specialising in the design and manufacture of Portable Magnetic Drilling Broaching Machines Engineered for Professionals.

Established in Chesterfield England, Yes England, you can ensure quality and Service, as we continue to set standards in design and innovation at a global level, and always relying on that Magbroach (UK) Ltd will provide excellent support and service.

Our specialist team is managed by Managing Director Glynn Fuller, who was the first manufacturer of Magbroach Drilling machines in the UK back in 1981.  Now with over 40 years of experience in innovation, knowledge in the design, development, and distribution of Electro Magnetic Drilling Machines, continues to set the standard, which challenges our Competitors at every turn.

Magbroach Drilling Machines are used globally across construction, petro chemical, neuclear, fabrication and offshore industries.

Our range of magbased drilling machines utalises the latest magnetic hole cutting technologies.

As a company Magbroach has taken it upon ourselves to understand our Customers requirements and to provide them with the exact solutions, utilising proven Technology and Innovation which is delivered in exclusive and uniquely Aesthetic Design.

Magbroach (UK) Ltd has developed an intricate concept that guarantees exclusive features, unique to this generation of Magbroach Machines, with capabilities beyond that of any Competition whilst continuing to provide durability and strength.

Our sought after innovative design is the result of conscious and consistent research and development accompanied by built in safety features as standard on all machines.


Magbroach Magnetic Drilling Machines are built to the highest standards incorporating our patented Twin Rail Slide System with High-Tech Electro-Magnetic bases.  The most powerful and reliable motor units, are made in Germany, which have been specially designed at our request to provide our customers with the reliability and built in interlinked safety features unique to Magbroach Mag Based Machines

At Magbroach (UK) Ltd we listen to our customers needs, and that allows us to ensure that we will react to demands that only ever improves machines to give our Customers the right results.

Magbroach Drilling Machines Warehouse
Magbroach Drilling Machines Warehouse
Magbroach Drilling Machines Warehouse
Magbroach Drilling Machines Warehouse


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